Long Term Antimicrobial Coating

The next fight against Covid-19, viruses and bacteria. Apply Touch Guard to surfaces and they are protected within hours.

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Virtually Invisible Antimicrobial Coating

Gauntlet Touch Antimicrobial is the ideal product to make schools, hospitals, offices, homes, shops and our surroundings a safer place in the current climate and protect against potential future dangers. It can be applied to any surface without any need to make additional changes to the premises meaning it can be retrofitted anywhere and will not affect the colour or design of the room. Silver-ion technology with antimicrobial qualities is used as a coating that provides protection against Covid-19, viruses, bacteria and mold. When applied professionally, surfaces are protected for at least 10 years after being coated with Gauntlet Touch. It only takes 4 hours for the long term antimicrobial coating to begin protecting the surface.