Touch Guard: Infection Control

A UNIQUE silver-ion technology with antimicrobial qualities, has been developed by Bromoco International and a leading bio-chemist. Developed 25 years ago for future protection, this forward thinking organisation designed and manufacture this virtually invisible coating to be applied almost everywhere for long lasting usage.

Working with Bromoco International, Bromoco International GAUNTLET TOUCH Antimicrobial coating systems is the first of its kind, providing high levels of long term antimicrobial protection.

Visit the World Health Organisations official website to read about the present and overwhelming threats that Touch Guard can protect against. Protect yourself to protect others.

COVID-19, part of the coronaviruses family, was first officially identified in Wuhan, China January 2020. Through the pandemic, it has affected the world; shutting down economies, businesses, schools and destroying lives.

March 2020 the fightback to normality started with scientists developing vaccines, cures and GAUNTLET TOUCH to prevent and heal. It is now obvious, clarified by WHO, that the world is now going through major changes and it is our aim to protect you to protect yourself to help to get normality back and protect you from future threats.

Check out our Coronavirus (Covid 19) statistics and figures, and World Health Organisation news feed, to realise why Touch Guard is vital to your business.

Touch Guard

  • Exhibit a reduction in bacteria by up to 99.99% after 4 hours application;
  • Destroys antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA, VRE and CRE;
  • Be effective against viruses GAUNTLET TOUCH Antimicrobial technology has proven to deactivate the H1N1 influenza virus;
  • GAUNTLET TOUCH provides round the clock protection against microbes meaning surfaces are easier to keep clean and safe;
  • GAUNLET TOUCH reduces cross-contamination - A cleaner product means that there less microbes to transfer;
  • Offer lasting protection from bacteria and mould, protecting your investment, others and you;
  • When applied professionally, GAUNTLET Touch Antimicrobial Coating will not wash off; it will last for the product’s lifetime.

GAUNTLET TOUCH Antimicrobial is the ideal product to make schools, hospitals, offices, homes, shops and our surroundings a safer place in the current climate and protect against potential future dangers. Keepings schools open and providing safe environments for people to live and work providing everyone with the education, work and life style they needs.

GAUNTLET TOUCH dry after 30 minutes and fully cured in 4 hours enabling night time application to reduce the impact to learning, working and socialising time.

GAUNTLET TOUCH Antimicrobial can be applied to any surface without any need to make additional changes to the premises meaning it can be retrofitted anywhere and will not affect the colour or design of the room.

After being treated, the premises can then return to their pre-covid cleaning regime knowing that all surfaces are protected 24 hours a day from bacteria, viruses and super bacteria.

FRANCHISES:- GAUNTLET TOUCH can be rolled out providing franchises for full time jobs nationwide coating of all premises, public and private.

Beyond the initial roll out, maintenance and future growth in all walks of life will result in continued full time employment and increased employment as the requirements for Touch Antimicrobial grows.

Touch Guard Protects

Reduce bacteria by 99% in just 2 hours
Hotel Reception
Ultra thin coating of Touch Guard is virtually invisible
Scratch resistence coating 2 levels harder than granite
Extend the lifetime of protected items
Protects against bacteria, fungi and viruses
Making surfaces cleaner and more hygenic
Swimming Pools
Water resistant and lasting up to 10 years

Why is GAUNTLET TOUCH the right solution?

Currently the widely adopted solutions to sanitising surfaces in premises are to either continually apply sanitiser to surfaces throughout the day, or to vapourise and “fog” large areas with a sanitiser solution. Nano-coatings are also being applied in some situations. There are some major issues to these solutions.

  • Regularly disinfecting surfaces

When a surface is disinfected using the traditional method, the surface is sterilised as you clean, but no further protection is applied to the surface. Soon after cleaning, the surface can become contaminated and the microbes will survive and spread until the surface is cleaned again; leaving pathogens able to survive and spread between cleans.

This cleaning method has no lasting effect and does not control the spread of viruses such as Covid-19.

  • “Fogging” rooms and large areas

Fogging has a similar issue where once treated, the surfaces do not gain lasting protection against microbes landing, surviving and spreading. Vapourising disinfectant can be extremely dangerous and doing so increases the chance of the sanitisation solution being ingested. It is also not as simple as plug in and spray, the solution must be diluted to the correct level or a residue is left on all the surfaces.

Further to these issues, fogging does not cover all surfaces due to the lack of direction control. The undersides of surfaces are not treated due to the reliance of gravity settling the sanitizer.

  • Nano-coatings

Nano-coatings are not the answer for long term protection. Nano-coatings will provide antimicrobial protection, however the coating is not permanent. Nano-coatings can be removed fairly easily on contact. This means they are not ideal for any surface that is regularly touched which is the main purpose of coating the area.

GAUNTLET TOUCH Antimicrobial is the world's only permanent, retrofit, hard film, crystal clear coating that provides protection against enveloped viruses & bacteria that works on all surfaces . This makes the product ideal for investment in new jobs and the wellbeing of our education system. We will apply GAUNTLET TOUCH Antimicrobial to all the doors, door handles, desks, walls as well as any and all surfaces in the classroom. The coating will have a minimum lifespan of 12 months on high touch areas with upto 5 years of protection for seldom touched surfaces.

Why now?

The Covid-19 global pandemic has caused an increase in unemployment in multiple sectors such as events, the arts and retail as well as many more. This has caused a surge in people looking for work Worldwide. To open up sectors and protect our medical, teaching, shops workers well basically the essential employees who look after us, GAUNTLET TOUCH is there to protect them but also to reduce unemployment.

Beyond the short term, this pandemic will change our way of life for decades to come as we strive to find our new normal way of life. We need to learn from the impact and grow to live with Covid-19 and it is going to be paramount for us to be ready and prepared for any future viruses that may cause similar issues. It is our duty to prepare ourselves and our buildings now for such an occasion.

GAUNTLET TOUCH has already applied protect to high security UK government buildings. We have info sheets, testimonials and research results to support what we can do and we will be happy to provide them to you on request.

Lets GAUNTLET TOUCH and YOU take the next step to protect others to protect our home, our schools, our businesses and our future.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team.